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Strict Pull-Up

  • Build strict pulling strength for control and safety before you learn to add kipping momentum.

Lats to Fly

  • The Lats are the main muscle-mover in all things rig, and even the barbell.  Building stronger lats and learning to engage them will help you build overall strength and control.

Pull-Up Endurance

  • If you have strict pull ups, and want to gain more strict or kipping pulling strength, then you will be challenged in this program.

CTB Superstar

  • Do you want more strict pulling strength to eventually learn bar muscle-ups? This program focuses on strict chest to bar pulling strength so pullups will be a breeze and you will be ready for the next step in training.

Butterfly PullUp Training

  • Do you want to increase your speed in your wods and have excellent command of both strict pull-ups & kipping? Then, this program is for you! We will run you through 4 weeks of strength drills, shaping and timing for the BPU and healthy shoulder prehab to keep your body in the best shape possible for this advanced skill.

Gymnasty Abs

  • Get a 6 pack like a gymnast!

TTB Overhaul

  • Struggling to string together toes to bar or just want to string more together but don’t have the right strength, technique or mobility? Then our overhaul program is just what you

Ring Stability & Strength

  • The rings are the ultimate king for training strength & control. This program will bring you more strength for all ring based movements.

Strict Ring Muscle-Up

  • Building strict muscle-up strength sets the foundation for rapid progress when athletes begin kipping muscle-ups. Those that skill this step find themselves not progressing as they’d like. Build slow strength first, then speed & endurance gains come more easily. 

Ring Muscle-Up Endurance

  • There is a big difference between one muscle-up and cranking out reps during a metabolic conditioning workout. This program builds your muscle-up volume and improves efficiency under fatigue.

First Bar Muscle-Up

  • Do you have the pulling strength but can’t put the pieces together to obtain the kipping bar muscle up? This skill has 3 portions, the arch, the hollow pull down and the turnover into support. Our program breaks down technique while continuing to build strength and mobility.

Pressing Mechanics Gymnastics Based

  • Still struggling with hspu or pushup volume? Want to master that strict ring dip but need more pressing & tricep strength? This program will focus on just that…building strength to help you with mechanics and more volume.

Handstand Strength & Stability

  • This Program builds balance, stability and strength by focusing on holds & shifting weight drills. Drills can be done scaled from a box or full handstand.

Strict HSPU

  • A skill that requires a tremendous amount of strength in the shoulders and triceps, our program will run you through scaled drills, handstand holds and tricep strength work.

Handstand Balance Breakthrough

  • The goal of this program is to help you master holds without using a wall. It can be good for those who can only hold free-standing for only a  few seconds to those who are very component on the wall but still haven’t built the confidence to move away from the wall.

HSPU Endurance

  • Tired of failing on just a few reps and losing tension? This program combines strict, kipping, eccentric, scaled deficit, and deficit work to help build maximum capacity.

Handstand Walking

  • This program requires a freestanding handstand. It will help you gain better technique for walking and build shoulder strength and endurance!

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Ankle Mobility Overhaul

  • For those needing improved ankle mobility translating into better squats, pistol squats, and Olympic weightlifting.

Hip Mobility Overhaul

  • Improved hip mobility helps with squats, hip hinge movements, Olympic weightlifting, and many gymnastics skills. This four week program focuses on opening up your hip joint’s freedom of movement and strength.

Squat Mobility Overhaul

  • A four week program focused on improving both mobility of the necessary joints as well as increasing strength & control for the squat.

Thoracic Mobility Overhaul

  • The upper back is a crucial component to solid overhead positioning for weightlifting and gymnastics skills. This four week program will improve your mobility and strength.

Overhead Mobility Overhaul

  • Struggling with overhead lifts and gymnastics skills? This four week program improves your shoulder mobility for better positioning and strength.

Overhead Squat Overhaul

  • The Overhead Squat is perhaps the most challenging exercise in terms of its mobility demands. This program addresses mobility and, just as importantly, your control/positioning specific to the overhead squat.

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You can purchase each separately or gain full access as a member.

Bulletproof Shoulders

  • By taking the time to build strength in the rotator cuff and smaller muscles supporting the shoulder, you will build a strong foundation for progress and shoulder health.

Bulletproof Back Builder

  • For those having previously dealt with low back pain, our Bulletproof Back Builder focuses on building up strength and control of the lower back musculature. 

Bulletproof Glutes

  • You got it, we are dedicating an entire program to a better backside and it’s going to be fantastic! Let’s face it…everyone wants amazing glutes! By combining body weight exercises and loaded movements, you will be able to increase not only your backside, but your performance as well.

Core Strength Overhaul

  • Want to improve your foundation for all weightlifting and gymnastics skills? This advanced core program will build your base for better performance in the gym.

Pistol Squat

  • The pistol squat requires strength, control, and mobility. This program delivers four weeks of workouts to improve all of these areas.

Grip Strength Overhaul

  • This free program is a 3 week overhaul that will help strengthen your grip for all things rig and barbell.

Gymnasty Abs

  • Get a 6 pack like a gymnast!

Hypertrophy Program

  • This four-week program adds isolated training volume to the muscles of your arms, shoulders, and upper back. Our goal is simple, to build them up for a more muscular looking physique. 

Murph 8 Week Program

  • 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, and another 1 mile run. The Murph workout performed on Memorial Day by many fitness athletes is a beast but this program will have you prepared for a new PR!

Build Your Engine

  • This 6 week program builds your conditioning across all 3 major metabolic energy systems. Whether that high intensity sprint style workouts or slow burners are your weakness, this plan will improve your capacity.

Running Engine Builder

  • This  program builds your running conditioning & capacity. Whether that high intensity sprint style workouts or long runs are your jam, this program will help you improve.

 Olympic Weightlifting Strength Program

  • This 5 day a week, 6 week program is intended for those looking for substantial gains their pulling and squat strength. The program focuses on squatting and posterior chain development that is intended to carry over to the Snatch & Clean/Jerk. 

Functional Fitness Weightlifting Supplement

  • This 3 day a week, 6 week program has been designed to cater to primarily the following groups; Functional athletes looking to add supplementary work; Weightlifters that respond well to moderate volume. We have Masters Athletes and those with less than one year experience in mind for this program. You will follow a periodized template geared towards improving proficiency as well as improving your 1 rep max.

Snatch Program for CrossFit Athletes

  • This 8 week program is designed to be performed one day per week to help functional fitness athletes improve their snatch technique and strength. The loading will be based on your experience and goals.

Powerlifting Program

  • This 4 day a week 4 week program will cover bench press, squats, overhead pressing, deadlifts and more. We focus on powerlifting barbell work to build on reps and sets to make you a stronger and more proficient mover.