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    3 time games athlete Pamela Gagnon knows what it takes to succeed. She has put in the work and mastered the movements, and has the hard earned insight into effective programming. She is a leader in the area of body weight strengthening movements for today’s athletes and currently a Lead Coach for The Gymnastics Course. Her background as a Division I Gymnast and CrossFit Games Masters athlete has given her over 30 years of experience as an athlete & coach. She coaches athletes worldwide on how to implement strength and gymnastics skills to improve their fitness performance.


    Doctor of Physical Therapy Zach Long specializes in helping Crossfit athletes reach their full potential. He has seen all the effects of bad habits and poor form. He not only knows how to help athletes recover from injury, but more importantly how to avoid the injury in the first place. Dr. Zach, better known as The Barbell Physio, is an internationally known physical therapist and strength coach. Zach consults regularly with elite weightlifters, CrossFit games athletes, and professional athletes from a wide range of sports. His expertise is in improving sports performance while simultaneously decreasing injury risk factors.


    Coach Johnny Bouchard is a Level 3 CrossFit Coach & manual therapist with a background in sports therapy, rehab & strength/conditioning. He specializes in programming for CrossFit and training endurance athletes. He is also the tech dude for Performance Plus.

    Together they have created the step by step instructions you need to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively. Follow individual programs, or subscribe for access to the entire library.