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 Physical Therapy

E39 – Is CrossFit dangerous? What does the literature say?

Is CrossFit dangerous? When this question is posed in most settings, the resounding answer will be yes. If you follow Performance Plus, you know that we proudly support the CrossFit training methodology, BUT for the sake of being honest with ourselves, we decided to answer this question in the most honest way we know: by looking at the literature. On...
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E38 – How Deep Should You Squat?

For years, we’ve all been told that squatting too low will hurt our knees. Unfortunately, most of the people expressing this sentiment have no evidence to support their claims supporting their hate for deep squats. The fact is, when you look at the research, the complete opposite is true. Full-depth squats are better for our knees AND produce more strength...
Featured image for “E37 – Training For Marathons or an Ironmans as a Fitness Athlete”
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E37 – Training For Marathons or an Ironmans as a Fitness Athlete

In episode 37 of the Performance Plus Podcast, the roles are reversed, and Pamela interviews Johnny about training for an Ironman or Marathon as a CrossFitter. For those who are unaware, our tech/ops guy, Johnny Bouchard, is also L3 CrossFit Coach, former affiliate owner, and “normal person elite” endurance athlete. For years Johnny has completed multiple marathons and Ironman/triathlons while...
Featured image for “E36 – Pamela Gagnon’s Gymnastics Origin Story”
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E36 – Pamela Gagnon’s Gymnastics Origin Story

On this episode of the Performance Plus Podcast, the one and only Pamela Gagnon shares her gymnastics origin story. Topics we cover include -How Pamela got into gymnastics as a child -What was the indicator that made Pamela realize she was an elite gymnast -The gymnastics grind and how it changed Pamela’s childhood -What it takes to be an elite...
Featured image for “Pamela Gagnon & Johnny B break down the 2023 Semi-Finals”
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Pamela Gagnon & Johnny B break down the 2023 Semi-Finals

On Episode 35 of the Performance Plus Podcast, coach Pamela Gagnon and Johnny B sit down to debrief the 2023 Semi-Finals.  Pamela Gagnon is the gymnastics coach for Mayhem Nation Athletes and appeared at the semi-finals to help athletes with strategy.  In the episode, we talk about How Pamela helped the Mayhem Athletes Our thoughts on the events Is doing...
Featured image for “E34 – Grip For Gymnastics Skills”
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E34 – Grip For Gymnastics Skills

On episode 34 of the Performance Plus Podcast, we deeply dive into how to grip for pull-ups, muscle-ups, and toes to bar. We kick the episode off by covering why the sketch grip (no thumbs) is not an option—explaining it from a performance and safety perspective. Then we roll into variations of a gymnastics grip for different implements like rings,...
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 Upper Body

Building Pull-up Strength

So you just joined the box, and you see all this swinging and kipping on the rig. You are wondering, first, what in the world is going on? And second, how can I do that, or should I do that? Is this the right way to build pull-up strength? Well, what you don’t realize is the foundation of the Kipping...
Featured image for “The 6-12-25 Method for Hypertrophy Gains”
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The 6-12-25 Method for Hypertrophy Gains

On this podcast episode, Dr. Zach Long and Coach Johnny B discuss the 6-12-25 method. Want to get JACKED? If you are looking for body builder-like hypertrophy gains, Charles Poliquin’s famous 6-12-25 method is for you! It is the fastest way to get ripped without getting skinny. The 6-12-25 method, popularized by Charles Poliquin, facilitates massive lactate spikes, facilitating growth...
Featured image for “Luke Parker GOES DEEP on the Performance Plus Podcast”
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Luke Parker GOES DEEP on the Performance Plus Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Games athlete and Bachelorette veteran Luke Parker to talk about training, faith, and running Ironman races with no training.  Mayhem Athlete, Luke Parker, is a former college baseball player who also competed on Season 15 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” Parker began competing in fitness in Georgia before joining Mayhem in...