Build The Ultimate Gymnastics Foundation For Rig-Based Skills

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Access a limited-time bundle to develop your lat strength & skyrocket your rig-based gymnastics performance.

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Build The Ultimate Gymnastics Foundation
For Rig-Based Skills

Access exclusive Performance Plus Programming to master BMU skill faster while also preventing injuries

Become A Better Athlete
Access a limited-time bundle to develop your lat strength & skyrocket your rig-based gymnastics performance.

Become A Better Athlete

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Access Limited-Time Bundle "Rig-Based Gymnastics Foundation"

Pamela Gagnon - our leading coach and 3X Games Athlete, gained recognition for her exceptional 0.1% talent in gymnastics.
Our observation is that...
Most athletes in the space HAVE the foundational strength to perform skills. But, they lack the mobility to use the technique efficiently.
Which often leads to faster fatigue and sloppier form.
Right now the importance of mobility & gymnastics is increasing and after a few years - it’s going to be A MUST in the WODs.
Today you have the chance to step ahead of the curve & establish rock-solid gymnastics foundations... 
The complete accessory WOD for building the rig gymnastics foundation:
✅ “Gymnasty abs” for core strength & stability to control your body when lifting and moving through space;
✅ “Lats to fly” for building the lat strength & timing to execute rig-based movements with better efficiency.
Join today and skyrocket your rig-based performance!

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What You Will Learn


The 5-Phase Protocol: understand the anatomy of clean and efficient movement technique;

Games-Level Mobility: open your shoulders and core to prepare your body for optimal performance;

Beginner-Friendly Drills: the key drills, that will help you build the muscle-memory necessary for rig-based movements;

Gymnastics Mastery: build the necessary strength, and endurance in your core, lats, and arms to skyrocket rig-based performance

Learn From The Best

Introducing Dr. Zach Long & Games Athlete Pamela Gagnon

Dr. Zach Long


Dr. Zach Long, better known as The Barbell Physio, is an internationally known physical therapist and strength coach. Zach consults regularly with elite weightlifters, CrossFit games athletes, and professional athletes from a wide range of sports. His expertise is in improving sports performance while simultaneously decreasing injury risk factors.

Pamela Gagnon


Pamela Gagnon is a leader in the area of body weight strengthening movements for today’s athletes and is currently a Lead Coach for CrossFit Gymnastics. Her background as a Division I Gymnast and 3x CrossFit Games Masters athlete has given her over 30 years of experience as an athlete & coach. She coaches athletes worldwide on how to implement strength and gymnastics skills to improve their fitness performance.

How does Performance Plus Programming work?

ring dip mobility requirements

1) (Day 1-7) Learn the fundamental techniques

3X CrossFit® Games Athlete Pamela Gagnon and Ph.D. Doctor Zach Long will break down the skills into their most fundamental form, so you focus only on developing muscle groups THAT make your form clean and efficient.


"Finally got my first bar muscle-up this morning! It was the culmination of weeks of skills, drills and getting out of my own heads" - @cjh_0416

full body mobility program
2) (Day 14-21) Build the strength and endurance to perform

Most of the time athletes lack the necessary strength and endurance to perform the skill correctly. Using 15-minute hyper-targeted exercises you'll build strength & endurance to master this skill 2X-5X faster than anyone else in the gym.


"The person I want to be in the future is a direct result of the decisions I make today. Improving by the day, even after 40!" - @linzzz22

Overhead Squat mobility requirements
pushup mobility requirements

3) (Day 21-35) It's time to drill your new form

Now you step into the real game! It's time to put your fundaments to the test and create a strong muscle memory for a full-motion exercise. This is when you'll achieve your first clean performance with EASE.


"Finally I stopped avoiding and started the program. Now I can do butterfly pull-ups. As always thanks for your help." - Rebeka

hanstand mobility requirements
4) Progress To The Next Skill
The real taste of victory. Now you know how fast you can master your skills, it's time to move to the next one. We got you covered with 30+ skill-focused programs available just one click away. 


"Got a 17 lb PR on my front squat. Went from 145 to 162! " - @thefitlife_jfaulk

hanstand mobility requirements

Why Choose Performance Plus Programming?

🏋 15-Minute Movement-Specific Programs

Have a goal? We have a program for that! Our programs are done with your current gym or competitive programs and take just ~15 minutes per day to help you master results faster.

😎 Learn From The Best

Our trainers have walked the talk. They are internationally known coaches and leaders in the CrossFit®  and the physical therapy space.

💻 All-In-One An App

All of our programming is delivered via one of the best apps in the fitness industry. No more messing with PDFs. You have the best programming in the world in your pocket.

🤸 Gymnasty Programming

Membership includes access to our #Gymnasty twice-weekly workouts. These workouts are complete Gymnastics WOD classes. Including pre-hab, skill, strength & WOD.

🌐 International Athlete  Community

Our community consists of  12,000+ strong members, who are here to become athletes they know they can be.

💰 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our membership in the first week we will refund 100% of what you pay. Just email within the first 7-days and we will refund you everything you paid.

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✅ Access to the "Rig Based Gymnastics Foundation" program bundle (Gymnasty Abs + Building Lats To Fly);
​​Access to our online "Bar Muscle-Up" workshop to master the BMU technique faster;
✅ ​Access the 1,200+ athlete Performance Plus Community to share successes, and connect with other athletes;
Direct coaching from Pamela and Dr. Zach
​​Success Guarantee.Master your skills or get your money back (assuming you have the necessary prerequisites and follow the program as outlined)
✅ ​12 months for the price of 8 (Annual membership only)

Monthly & Annual Membership Exclusives:

✅ ​Everything that's included in the "Rig Based Gymnastics Foundation" program bundle (Gymnasty Abs + Building Lats To Fly);
​​Access to the 50+ Performance Plus guided programs to help you master your CrossFit® skills up to 5X faster;
✅ ​Access the 1,200+ athlete Performance Plus Community to share successes, and connect with other athletes;
​ Annual membership: 12 months for the price of 7.
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