S2E1 – Shoulder Pain During Kipping Pull-Ups

S2E1 – Shoulder Pain During Kipping Pull-Ups

S2E1 – Shoulder Pain During Kipping Pull-Ups

Season 2 of the Performance Plus Podcast kicks off with a bang! Dr. Zach Long and Coach Johnny B sit down to discuss shoulder pain while performing kipping pull-ups.


Yes, we know the internet hates kipping pull-ups. So we start the show off by telling you why you should do a kipping pull-up and then how to see if you are ready to handle them from a mobility and strength perspective. Then we get into a discussion on proper mechanics and how they can also cause pain. We finish up the podcast by talking about programming to improve your kip.

In this episode, we talk about a few things that can help your kipping pull-ups. Here are links to those resources.

Ultimate Mobility Check List

Kipping Mechanics Program

First Strict Pull-Up Program

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