E38 – How Deep Should You Squat?

E38 – How Deep Should You Squat?

E38 – How Deep Should You Squat?

For years, we’ve all been told that squatting too low will hurt our knees. Unfortunately, most of the people expressing this sentiment have no evidence to support their claims supporting their hate for deep squats.

The fact is, when you look at the research, the complete opposite is true. Full-depth squats are better for our knees AND produce more strength gains in specific muscle tissues.

Tune into this episode to get the full story on squat depth from Physical Therapist Dr. Zach Long.

Topics Covered on this episode:

  • Is a partial range of motion squat better for strength or hypertrophy?
  • Are below parallel squats bad for your knees?
  • Are squats going to build your glutes?
  • How to improve squat mobility.

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