Three Killer Ab Exercises

Three Killer Ab Exercises

Three Killer Ab Exercises

For the fitness athlete, abs aren’t just about looking good. Their strength will directly translate to better performance in various gymnastics movements like muscle-ups. Gymnastics expert, Pamela Gagnon, shares three killer ab exercises in this video that will improve your core strength and gymnastics skills!

Ab Exercises Transcript

Pamela Gagnon here from, and I’m going to share with you my three favorite core exercises to get really strong abs. I want you to do this as a four-round workout of twenty seconds on, twenty seconds off.

The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get a slider. This is just literally from Amazon. It’s an extra large furniture slider and a box, and the box will be about knee height. We’re going to put our feet on the slider and get into a hollow body position, and we’re going to pull back and forth. Less is more. I do not wanna see you sag – that’s not working your abs or building core strength. You’re going to move back and forth for twenty seconds. Remember to do that for four rounds.

Then we’re going to get up and on our back. Feet up, and we’re going to do opposite arm to foot toe touches to work a little bit of those side obliques. Make sure that you reach tall and that will help you extend your arms to fire your core muscles as much as possible.

Then the last thing is going to do is a hollow scissors. Keep your body long and strong. Make sure that your lower back is pressing through the ground. If that’s difficult, you can do a more static position. In a tuck with one leg out.

Those are my three favorite exercises. If you need a complete program, check out our Gymnasty Abs program. Quick, ten-minute ab workouts to build a strong core and improve your gymnastics performance!