The 6-12-25 Method for Hypertrophy Gains

The 6-12-25 Method for Hypertrophy Gains

The 6-12-25 Method for Hypertrophy Gains

On this podcast episode, Dr. Zach Long and Coach Johnny B discuss the 6-12-25 method.

Want to get JACKED? If you are looking for body builder-like hypertrophy gains, Charles Poliquin’s famous 6-12-25 method is for you!

It is the fastest way to get ripped without getting skinny. The 6-12-25 method, popularized by Charles Poliquin, facilitates massive lactate spikes, facilitating growth hormone production. That means fat loss while sparing muscle mass.

The 6-12-25 method is where you do three exercises in a row for the same muscle group using minimal rest between those exercises.

The program is split into four workouts and covers the entire body over a 4-day split. The format is simple – You start with three exercises (A1, A2, and A3).

  • The first exercise is six reps at a 30×0 tempo
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • The second exercise is 12 reps 3010
  • Rest 10 secs
  • Third exercise 25 reps 3010
  • Rest for 3 mins and complete thrice, then move on to the next exercises.

Doing this type of training has a huge hypertrophic. response, there are three primary mechanisms responsible for increased muscle hypertrophy:

  • Mechanical Tension
  • Metabolic Stress
  • Muscle Damage

And it hits all three.

Tune in to hear all the details on how to program this method and how to see results.

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