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handstand mobility

Break out the mobility requirements for handstands so that you can get in the best positions for efficient technique and skills development!

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handstand mobility requirements

Whether you are working on handstand pushups, handstand holds, or handstand walking, having mobility limitations will make your progress dramatically harder. Make sure your upper back and shoulder mobility is great for optimal efficiency in all handstand variations. 

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Shoulder flexion

Shoulder flexion is going to be the biggest limitation in athlete's handstand positioning. We use the back to wall shoulder flexion test to isolate the shoulders and prevent compensations with the spine. Pay close attention to hand position and to not let your elbows bend during the test.

shoulder rotation

Addressing shoulder rotation limitations will often create rapid changes in overhead mobility. We'll use this back to wall test to assess your rotation.

thoracic mobility

The thoracic spine (upper back) is another commonly limited mobility area. This can impact the low back, neck, shoulders, and limit your handstand mobility.

We will test rotation on both sides. If limited, your thoracic extension will also be restricted, making great overhead positioning a challenge.