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Front Squat

Break out the mobility requirements for Front squats so that you can get in the best positions for efficient technique and skills development!

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Front Squat mobility requirements

The front squat is a commonly utilized squat variation with great benefits for leg and upper back strength. The front squat also has more carryover to the Olympic lifts than the back squat.

Ankle mobility

For ankle mobility specific to the back squat, we need to look at two pieces. First, ankle dorsiflexion, or our ability to drive the knee forward as we squat. Second, we want to assess lateral ankle mobility so that we can drive the knees out during the squat.

hip scour test

Identifying your hip joint's optimal position for squatting to depth is the next important step for the back squat. We'll utilize the hip scour test for this.

Hip Internal and external rotation

For those needing more hip mobility to squat, opening up rotation often gets us more depth. We will analyze hip internal and external rotation to identify the direction your hip mobility work should emphasize.

Front rack mobility

The front rack position gives many athletes trouble. To assess your front rack, perform the thoracic mobility assessment above as well as testing your wrist extension, elbow flexion, and shoulder external rotation.