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Break out the mobility requirements for ring dips so that you can get in the best positions for efficient technique and skills development!

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Ring Dip mobility requirements

Ring dips are a challenging exercise. Not only do you have to possess the upper body pushing strength to lower and raise your body weight, but you must do so while also stabilizing the rings themselves. But most athletes fail to also appreciate the shoulder extension range of motion that is also needed for ring dips without losing form or creating discomfort in the shoulder. 

Shoulder extension

Shoulder extension is a huge component of solid mechanics for movements like pushups, dips, and the bench press. Without sufficient shoulder extension mobility, athletes will have a difficult time maintaining proper form, and we often see discomfort in the front of the shoulder when extension range of motion is reduced.

thoracic spine

The thoracic spine (upper back) is another commonly limited mobility area. This can impact the low back, neck, shoulders, and limit your overhead mobility.