Fix Hip Impingement While Squatting

Fix Hip Impingement While Squatting

Fix Hip Impingement While Squatting

On this episode, Dr. Zach Long shares all the secrets for fixing your hip impingement while squatting.

Hip impingement is a common complaint that we see in fitness athletes due to the demands of their sport that push the hip joint through full ranges of motion repeatedly. As the sports of functional fitness and weightlifting have become increasingly popular, so has the number of athletes suffering from hip impingement.  This condition can be quite difficult to treat and is, unfortunately, one we often see very poorly treated in the medical world.

On this episode, we talk about how to properly diagnose, treat and scale for hip impingement during squatting.

Some specific highlights include

  • Squat variations to alleviate pain
  • Stop stretching the hip flexors
  • Minimizing sitting & sedentary activities that may make the symptoms worse

For more info on hip impingement, check out this article written by the one and only Dr. Zach Long.

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