Ring Muscle Up


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Bulletproof Shoulders

  • As we progress towards the highly skilled muscle-up skill, having a solid foundation is crucial to performance and shoulder health. By taking the time to build strength in the rotator cuff and smaller muscles supporting the shoulder, you will build a strong foundation for progress and shoulder health.


Lats To Fly

  • The Lats are the main muscle-mover in all things rig, and even the barbell.  Building stronger lats and learning to engage them will help you build overall strength and control.


CTB Superstar

  • The difference between strength required for a chin over bar pull-up and chest to bar is significant. To progress to higher level gymnastics skills like Muscle-Ups, we must build this key strength component.


Ring Stability & Strength

  • The rings are the ultimate king for training strength & control. This program will bring you more strength for all ring based movements.


Strict Ring Muscle-Up

  • Building strict muscle-up strength sets the foundation for rapid progress when athletes begin kipping muscle-ups. Those that skill this step find themselves not progressing as they’d like. Build slow strength first, then speed & endurance gains come more easily. 


Ring Muscle-Up Endurance

  • There is a big difference between one muscle-up and cranking out reps during a metabolic conditioning workout. This program builds your muscle-up volume and improves efficiency under fatigue.