E37 – Training For Marathons or an Ironmans as a Fitness Athlete

E37 – Training For Marathons or an Ironmans as a Fitness Athlete

E37 – Training For Marathons or an Ironmans as a Fitness Athlete

In episode 37 of the Performance Plus Podcast, the roles are reversed, and Pamela interviews Johnny about training for an Ironman or Marathon as a CrossFitter.

For those who are unaware, our tech/ops guy, Johnny Bouchard, is also L3 CrossFit Coach, former affiliate owner, and “normal person elite” endurance athlete.

For years Johnny has completed multiple marathons and Ironman/triathlons while maintaining above-average Fran (3:03), Diane (3:40), and Amanda (3:31) times, which is different for endurance athletes.

In this episode, he gives us a deep dive into the training secrets of going REALLY LONG without losing your fitness.

Topics Include
-How to WOD & train for an endurance event (from a schedule standpoint)
-What are the expectations for these events
-What are some of the perils of going long for the first time
-What to say to the haters that think you can lift and train endurance at the same time

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