E36 – Pamela Gagnon’s Gymnastics Origin Story

E36 – Pamela Gagnon’s Gymnastics Origin Story

E36 – Pamela Gagnon’s Gymnastics Origin Story

On this episode of the Performance Plus Podcast, the one and only Pamela Gagnon shares her gymnastics origin story.

Topics we cover include
-How Pamela got into gymnastics as a child
-What was the indicator that made Pamela realize she was an elite gymnast
-The gymnastics grind and how it changed Pamela’s childhood
-What it takes to be an elite gymnast as a kid and teen (from a skills standpoint)
-How Pamela got recruited to be a D1 Gymanst
-Why Pamela turned down the Olympics
-The most embarrassing moment of Pamela’s gymnastics career
-How to party and be an elite gymnast

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