E14 – How to Press to Handstand with Pamela Gagnon & Coach Johnny B

E14 – How to Press to Handstand with Pamela Gagnon & Coach Johnny B

E14 – How to Press to Handstand with Pamela Gagnon & Coach Johnny B

A press handstand is one of the coolest ways to show off your crazy gymnastics strength and control. It’s also one of the  most difficult bodyweight skills a human can do. On this episode of the Performance Plus Podcast former gymnast and Games athlete Pamela Gagnon sits down with Coach Johnny B to share the secrets of doing a Press to Handstand.

Topics Include

  • Pre-requisites for Press to Handstand
  • How to do a press to handstand
  • 3 drills to build a press to handstand
  • How long it will take to develop a press to handstand

A press handstand is a handstand done starting from either a standing or sitting position. If you are going to be starting from a sitting position, you should be sitting on the floor with your legs in a straddle and your hands on the ground in front of you. If you are going to start in a standing position, you can be in either a pike or straddle stand with your hands on the floor in front of you. Then you will need to lean forward with control and transfer the weight of your body to your hands.

As the weight is transferred to your hands you can slowly raise your feet and legs off the ground in either a pike or straddle position. Most gymnasts straddle their legs up. With control raise your legs until they are straight over your head in a handstand. While you are raising your legs, your shoulders will move past your hands, and then as your legs rise, they will move to straight over your hands.

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