Stringing Chest to Bar Pull-Ups Together

Stringing Chest to Bar Pull-Ups Together

Stringing Chest to Bar Pull-Ups Together

Do you pull high enough on a chest to bar pull-up but can’t touch without a huge arch?

Can you get one C2B, but crash to a dead stop and then have to re-start your whole kip over to get your next rep?

The chest-to-bar pull-up is an extremely hard movement requiring strength and mobility.

If you are struggling to do C2B pull-ups during MetCons here are 3 great drills from gymnastics expert Pamela Gagnon that will help you string those chest-to-bar pull-ups together.

#1. The Chest To Bar Pull-Up Memory Drill

The purpose of this drill is to go slow to build muscle memory. Make sure you hit each position; hollow, arch, pull around, pull in. Mimic my speed and reset after each rep.

#2 Get A Meaty Overgrip

If you don’t have palms over the bar in a “meaty” grip then your elbows will be down when you go to pull. Grip is very important. Think about your strong grip with Olympic Lifts -knuckles around for a full grip! Same here.

#3. Look Downstream at Your Strict C2B Pull-ups & Kipping Pull-Ups

If you are struggling to string your chest to bar pull-ups together and the 2 drills above aren’t helping you may need to check your strict C2B pull-ups and kipping pull-ups. Oftentimes I see athletes rush to progress to advance movements too quickly. This will always result in poor performance or injury. Get brutally honest with yourself: did you really master the strict chest to bar pull-up or are you just swinging and throwing yourself at the bar?

You have not laid the foundation to build onto the skill. That is like saying you are going to learn to read before you can sound out the letters. You will just end up frustrated!

If this is you have you checked out our Chest to Bar Overhaul program!