S2E3 – Why Rounded Back During A Lift Won’t Hurt You

S2E3 – Why Rounded Back During A Lift Won’t Hurt You

S2E3 – Why Rounded Back During A Lift Won’t Hurt You

Today we are talking about the general fear people have around rounding their back while lifting.  Recently we saw a popular influencer who put a video up of a golfer rounding his back over as he reached into the hole to pick a golf ball. The IG personality claimed said golfer would herniate the discs in his spine from picking up a golf ball with a round back, which is just complete and utter BS.


So we decided to an episode on why YOU SHOULD round your back while pocking things up. The fact is that the spine flexes and flexion of the spine is not inherently bad, especially when you know loads aren’t excessive.

Tune in to find out
•What the research says about rounded back deadlifts
•How to start incorporating rounded back deadlifts into your training
•How to find the right load for rounded back deadlifts
•How to avoid general back injuries

If you are struggling with a weak back that keeps getting injured during deadlifts make sure to check out Zach’s latest article on Fixing Low Back Pain During Deadlifts.

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