E11 – The Best Fitness Apps with Pamela Gagnon, Dr. Zach Long & Johnny B

E11 – The Best Fitness Apps with Pamela Gagnon, Dr. Zach Long & Johnny B

E11 – The Best Fitness Apps with Pamela Gagnon, Dr. Zach Long & Johnny B

On Episode 11 of the Performance Plus Programming podcast, Pamela Gagnon, Dr. Zach Long, and Coach Johnny B share their favorite fitness apps.

Fitness Apps Covered On The Show:

  • RP Diet (code pamela10 to save) – a fantastic app for tracking your nutrition intake as well as having some incredibly helpful tools such as a grocery list builder.
  • MyFitness Pal – Zach’s go-to app for tracking his macronutrient intake.
  • Whoop – combines heart rate variability with other health metrics to give you insight into your body’s recovery and readiness to train
  • TrueCoach – an easy to use application for fitness
  • OnForm – the best video analysis app currently on the market that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Highly recommended for coaches and clinicians
  • HeadSpace – we often neglect to discuss emotional and mental recovery and the huge impact that can have on us. Head Space is a great app for recovery in this area.
  • WOD Timer – our favorite gym timer app
  • PicPlayPost
  • Performance Plus Programming App – of course we love this app! Our app has 40+ programs to help athletes of all levels crush their goals!

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