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Overhead Mobility

  • Having full shoulder mobility will optimize your positioning for handstand progress. For those with shoulder stiffness, your progress will be greatly slowed until this deficit is addressed.

Pressing Mechanics Gymnastics Based

  • Still struggling with hspu or pushup volume? Want to master that strict ring dip but need more pressing & tricep strength? This program will focus on just that…building strength to help you with mechanics and more volume.

Handstand Strength & Stability

  • This Program builds balance, stability and strength by focusing on holds & shifting weight drills. Drills can be done scaled from a box or full handstand.

Strict HSPU

  • A skill that requires a tremendous amount of strength in the shoulders and triceps, our program will run you through scaled drills, handstand holds and tricep strength work.

Handstand Balance Breakthrough

  • The goal of this program is to help you master holds without using a wall. It can be good for those who can only hold free-standing for only a  few seconds to those who are very component on the wall but still haven’t built the confidence to move away from the wall.

HSPU Endurance

  • Tired of failing on just a few reps and losing tension? This program combines strict, kipping, eccentric, scaled deficit, and deficit work to help build maximum capacity.

Handstand Walking

  • This program requires a freestanding handstand. It will help you gain better technique for walking and build shoulder strength and endurance!