Barbell Work


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Olympic Weightlifting Strength Program

  • This 5 day a week, 6 week program is intended for those looking for substantial gains their pulling and squat strength. The program focuses on squatting and posterior chain development that is intended to carry over to the Snatch & Clean/Jerk.

Functional Fitness Weightlifting Supplement

  • This 3 day a week, 6 week program has been designed to cater to primarily the following groups; Functional athletes looking to add supplementary work; Weightlifters that respond well to moderate volume. We have Masters Athletes and those with less than one year experience in mind for this program. You will follow a periodized template geared towards improving proficiency as well as improving your 1 rep max.

Snatch Program for CrossFit Athletes

  • This 8 week program is designed to be performed one day per week to help functional fitness athletes improve their snatch technique and strength. The loading will be based on your experience and goals.

Powerlifting Program

  • This 4 day a week 4 week program will cover bench press, squats, overhead pressing, deadlifts and more. We focus on powerlifting barbell work to build on reps and sets to make you a stronger and more proficient mover.