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Bulletproof Shoulders

  • By taking the time to build strength in the rotator cuff and smaller muscles supporting the shoulder, you will build a strong foundation for progress and shoulder health.


Strict Pull-Up

  • Build strict pulling strength for control and safety before you learn to add kipping momentum.


Lats to Fly

  • The Lats are the main muscle-mover in all things rig, and even the barbell.  Building stronger lats and learning to engage them will help you build overall strength and control.


Pull-Up Endurance

  • If you have strict pull ups, and want to gain more strict or kipping pulling strength, then you will be challenged in this program.


CTB Superstar

  • Do you want more strict pulling strength to eventually learn bar muscle-ups? This program focuses on strict chest to bar pulling strength so pullups will be a breeze and you will be ready for the next step in training.


Butterfly PullUp Training

  • Do you want to increase your speed in your wods and have excellent command of both strict pull-ups & kipping? Then, this program is for you! We will run you through 4 weeks of strength drills, shaping and timing for the BPU and healthy shoulder prehab to keep your body in the best shape possible for this advanced skill.